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About Us

Ancient Fighting Arts has been offering classes in Wing Chun and Tai Chi Chuan in Mount Arlington (Morris County) New Jersey since 1997. Our Kung Fu program includes both internal and external training for kids, adults, and seniors. Gift certificates and one week trial periods available.


Sifu Stephen Frankel

Head Instructor - trained under Grandmaster Hsu Fun Yuen and is a certified member of the Wu Kung Tai Chi Association. Also, trained with Dr. Yang in both White Crane and Chin Na since 1990. As a Wing Chun instructor, Sifu Frankel trained under Master Yip (Terrence) Pui.

Anthony Magaro

Training under Sifu Frankel since 1989 and is a third degree black sash.

Cesar Alvarez

Instructor Wing Chun / Kids Kung Fu and is a third degree black sash.

Michael Celeste

Instructor Tai Chi Chuan / Wing Chun / Kids Kung Fu and is a first degree black sash.

  • Steve Gale

    senior instructor Tai Chi Chuan

  • Korey Nelson

    senior instructor Tai Chi Chuan / Wing Chun / Kids Kung Fu

Tai Chi chuan

Literally translated as "Grand Ulitmate Fist" martial art for both health and fighting applications

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Wing Chun

Our Kung Fu program focuses on traditional Wing Chun as well as joint locks (Chin Na), Shaolin forms, and traditional Chinese weapons.

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Kid's kung fu

Starting at age 8, kids can begin training traditional Chinese Martial Arts. We emphasize a code of morality both of deed and mind that can help students achieve their goals.

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